Abbie S.

"Coaching came at the perfect timing for me. Before I began my coaching with Laine I was a brand new small business owner and I was struggling with how to focus my energies when there was so much to do. Even my small successes had me feeling like I was drowning! Laine has this amazing ability to help me pinpoint exactly where to focus. With her help I was able to identify ways to streamline my day-to-day operations. She helped me realize the areas of opportunity that I could use to grow my business, and ways to stretch and grow to make that happen. Since starting the coaching I have easily doubled my productivity, I am able to handle more customers, facilitate more private party sales, and finally have time for my family. So thankful that I am swimming rather than drowning! In addition, I have surpassed my monthly sales goal. My monthly sale have increased over 20% in only 6 weeks! For a small business owner, this is HUGE, this will impact the very foundation of my business. I am so Thankful for Laine and her expertise!"