4 Ways to Get What You Want for the Holidays

I’m not talking about ponies, or iWhatevers, and I’m speaking directly to those of you in the workforce.  Your Holiday Wish List for the office, for your business, for the future of your career might include new technology or a bonus from the boss, but long-lasting career fulfillment is much more economical than that.  We have to change the way we view work, and the resources we use for work.  We want staples and white out and a new mouse pad, but what our souls really crave are much more important. Our wish list should include items that bring about real growth and change and I believe Santa would be thrilled to deliver these:

1. Growth: You want a raise? You want your employees to be committed, loyal and productive? You want a co-worker to understand that you really are trying to be a team player? Tell them.  We think we are more comfortable keeping our desires to ourselves, and sitting in the frustration that comes from that inaction, but are we really?  What would your work environment look like if you brought about healthy change?  In order to do that, we must step outside of our (not so comfortable) comfort zones and find effective ways to speak with grace, appreciation and conviction to those who we work with every day. 

2. Purpose: “What am I doing here?” – or – “If I could only be doing…..” are these things you find yourself saying?  How great would you feel if you could find purpose in what you’re doing, regardless of your current job status?  Searching for vocational mission is on ongoing process, one that brings great contentment as you are met with self-realizations of your abilities, passions and opportunities.  Once those are discovered, the job position becomes secondary and how to utilize your gifts and desires becomes your primary focus. You are able to find purpose in a variety of different roles.

3. Community: Did you know that 30-43% of managerial time is spent mediating conflict between employees?  What if that time could be used for more productive purposes: encouraging employees, engaging the client base, creative planning, infrastructure development…the list is endless.  That list though is being sidelined due to a lack of community.  When employees do not feel they are part of a team, they create silos.  Silos are breeding spaces for pride, apathy, and divisiveness.  If your wish is to be a leader who has more time for business building, or you’re an employee who desires a more peaceful workplace, seek out opportunities to build your work community.

4. Respect: Everyone wants to feel respected.  In the different roles we hold, we want to be validated and encouraged.  We want to know our work is not in vain and is appreciated.  Even the most confident of people have moments of needing an extra dose of confirmation.  So, how do we earn respect?  Respect others and work hard.  Keep those two things at the forefront of your mind, practice them and know that your efforts will not go unnoticed.  


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