Thinking of Starting Your Own Business? Consider this....


You’ve joined the “I am going to be my own boss; hear me roar” movement.  

You’re ready to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Memes from the Internet that read “Design your own life, or someone else will,” or “Be the boss babe you were meant to be,” have become your daily mantra.

You’ve got those entrepreneurial juices flowing, you’re excited, and now it’s time to get prepared.  Some things to consider before taking the leap:

1. Financial Resources:    

The Dream: You watched a free online webinar that gave you all the top tips on how to earn a gajillion dollars by following a few easy steps.  That’s a cute idea.  

The Reality: Fatten up your bank account before you leaving your job or invest in a rental space for your new Puppy Fluffing Business. Once you leave that squishy, safe place in which you are employed by a well-funded entity, you will have “where is the money going to come from-induced stress.”  Be prepared by having your financial safety net secure and ready.  Talk with a financial planner and/or an accountant who can help you strategize the best ways to move forward safely with the resources you currently have.  

2. Time:

The Dream: You went ahead and bought that brand new hovercraft golf cart you’ve wanted, because you started a new blog, which you’ll be working on from 8:00 – 10:00 PM after the kids have gone to sleep and the wife is busy watching The Crown.  Obviously, you’ll be rolling in the dough when Amazon starts begging to put their adverts on your page.

The Reality: Mad props for the time blocking structure, but newbies who want results realize that they must eat, breathe, and sleep their new project.  There are ways to do this without losing your mind. (Shameless plug, click here for a free consultation). If you want to be the next Arianna Huffington or Blake Mycoskie, plan to restructure your day in a way that will promote productivity, while still leaving you time to watch The Crown with your lady.  

3. Continuing Education

The Dream: You read a book by the hottest motivational author of the day.  Now, you are ready to chase your dream because said author encouraged you to pursue something that excites you.  You are passionate about computers, so this makes you a computer repair expert.  

The Reality: But…are you an expert on marketing? How about networking, sales, bookkeeping, scheduling, client management, real estate law, copyrights, organizational structure, or employee development?  Just to name a few.  Seek mentors, surround yourself with experts and create a team of people who will encourage, sharpen and guide you.  Classes, seminars, books, podcasts and more books and podcasts are a must for you to become the successful businessperson you want to be.  Get ready…school’s in session.

Turn those dreams into realities by approaching this new season with wisdom and preparation.  The great news is this: it can be done! It is full of mind-blowing lessons and life-giving partnerships.  While there will be muddy waters, there will also be moments that energize your determination, resilience and capability.  

Apply these practical steps to make the path a more predictable one.

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