Laine Schmidt

Founder, Coach

Laine has worked as a mentor/coach since 2004, and began Laine Schmidt Coaching, Inc. in 2016. Laine believes wholeheartedly in human potential and has structured her company around ensuring that those who are hungry for growth, achieve it. Laine has experience as an educator, public speaker, corporate trainer and has worked with individuals from a wide array of industries.


Bill Harvey


Bill’s expertise in the areas of leadership, strategy, and personal growth come from a career as a Marine Corps fighter pilot and business leader. Bill leads clients to results by connecting them to their passions and establishing goals.  Over the last 20+ years, he’s led teams in dynamic environments all over the world and helped those around him improve individual and team performance.


Louanne Slevinski


Louanne is a customer service and business expert with over 30 years of experience in the corporate arena. Her areas of expertise include interview skills, career growth strategies and customer service training. Louanne has extensive experience working with the STAR interview process. She has lead countless individuals through successful career changes and into new seasons of life.


Kevin Hackett


Kevin is an experienced team leader and consultant. He works in the tech and business development arenas, creating high value systems and guiding teams through project implementation. He is an author, speaker and coach who uses his knowledge of business leadership and project management to help clients shape the best strategies for growth.


John Houmes


John is an experienced leader, serving in social work and ministry for over 10 years. His sharp perception of human behavior and team dynamics have helped organizations looking to advance. He has delivered multiple talks in places like South Asia and West Africa and has led teams of people from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world. 


Sean M0lloy


Sean has been coaching and leading teams around the country for the last 11 years. He specializes in mentoring and advising teams, as well as organizational and leadership development. Sean thrives on seeing others overcome the challenges that stand in the way of their goals and helping to find solutions to the difficulties of life and business.

After your initial consultation, you will be paired with the coach who will best partner with you to achieve your goals. 

All LSC coaches are trained and certified.